The Bull Denim is an interesting fabric to dye. First, the width of the fabric makes it  a large piece of yardage to be manipulating. The dye is much more likely to do it own thing as it moves through the folds. The outcome however is gorgeous; the indigo blue is muted and soft leaving fuzzy edges and a watercolor quality. 

Last month I received photos from to buyers showing how they had used the Bull Denim fabric. Handbags or chair backs anyone? Please check out their links:

StitchandRivet: handbags and other bags, Washington DC

Opal Interiors - interiors objects

Opal Interiors LLC, Gilbert, Arizona

I have a lovely reddish brown color I think would do nicely in denim. Next earth color dye day I will be trying this color on denim. What colors would you like to see?