A new challenge : How to dye Bull Denim. 

A yard of denim is heavier then a yard of quilting cotton when wet! I suppose that is a DUh! statement, but not only is the denim fabric a denser weave, but a yard of cotton is 36x44 and a yard of denim is 36x 60.

I prewashed the denim which helped. The yardage was more difficult to iron. It needed a lot of steam, but I found that the results in the dye bath were much more predicable when it was iron carefully, before it was banded and pinned. 

The next challenge was finding the contianer in which to actually dye the fabric. Denim does not bunch up like cotton does. I settled on a big rectangluar tub and dyed the fabric flat. Occasionally I would swish the tub and use a kitchen baster to reapply the dye to the surface.

I rinsed the fabric in the utility sink briefly and then threw it into the washing machine. I use Synthrapol and a dye cathcer sheet. It went into the dryer on medium and then back to the ironing board.

My client was very pleased with the results. When she sends me photos I will post them for you to see.