Inventory and taxes are done. Yay!

One of the intersting things about having a business is just when you think things are all organized... oh where did this come from?

In the process of going through everything I found a hoard of fabric that had not been posted!  This also got me to thinking about what these pieces might become if I made them into something or offered them to you. The easiest thoughts were items for home decor - pillow shams, table runners, placemats. indigo, violet, trending colors in greenery and flamingo, dots, stripes and mottled fabric.

The yummiest of the new finds were the linen rayons that dye beautifully and drape nicely for dresses and other handmade garments. More of that to come I think.

The photo with this post is a rayon linen done in indigo blue shibori, also nice for anything to wear, but lovely for home decor and works up really well for quilts. I will show off my linen cotton blend quilt top when it is finished in the next few weeks.

Happy sewing out there. Stay centered while creating.