Welcome to Daily Hand Dyed - my first blog

This month has brought with it some firsts. 

  • Several inquiries that may result in some custom dyeing, always fun.
  • Working with a new fabric that is heavier then expected.
  • Channeling the inner chemist and blending my own colors.

It always amazes me how one can basically use the same dye combination and the same Shibor technique with different fabrics and get a totally different look. I think one of the things that intrigues me about hand dyeing is the variety of texture and color available in the process. No two pieces are exactly the same. Sometimes the dye does exactly what I thought it would; sometimes it is pretty fickle. Always the results are amazing.

This week I played with the colorway of aquamarine. I am very happy with the results. I will continue to "mess" around with that color as a March Madness to do. I think my brother the chemist would be tickled that I was being so scientific about my research into a new color blend.

Back to the studio for now, 

Happy Monday, Tina