The fabric of our lives...

I have had a love affair with fabric and surface design for many years. My journey with the fiber arts started as a child. My father took his family to Nigeria when I was twelve. He was very good about keeping us busy and one of the trips he planned was a drive up the Plateau to Jos. Nearby were the Bukura Indigo Dye Pits. I rembember the deep vats of blue indigo and the blue dyed fabric hanging in the breeze. I think these dye pits have been lost. I find no references to them and the few people that I have tried to contact either have not responded or have never heard of them. But it was a memorable trip for me.

When I was in college I dabbled with batik and then became fascinated with the embroidery of Hungry. My grandmother was Hungarian, so it was a heritage thing, but I explored the color and texture created by the various regions of Hungary, Color - so many interesting shapes and motifs. Stylized birds and flowers embroidered down vests and on dresses. Not just for women either. The long capes of the Plains were also highly decorated.

So, my business has developed out of a life long love affair with the fiber arts. After retiring from a life of public education, volunteering for Art Education at the local arts center and teaching art classes to all ages, I renewed my love of playing with color and fabric. Starting with quilt making,I  soon developed a hunger for more color. Dyeing my own fabric is an extension of that love. I love playing with color and texture. I anticipate the mystery of this dyeing technique with such delight. Come join my enthusiasm.

Each piece of fabric is individualy dyed and so there develops a pattern all its own based on the type of shibori, resist or folding I do. There is predictability, never a down right copy! I think that is what I love about the process. It is always exciting to see what path the dye has taken as the fabric goes into the dye bath. Marvelous!